Athletes putting GLIDERIDE to the test!

Derek Li

Derek is an ironman and a marathoner. He generally clocks a weekly mileage onward of 60 km and is among the top 10% who aims to run sub-4 marathons.

Joey Gan

Joey is a recreational endurance athlete who cycles and runs. He typically cycles around 100 km and runs around 30-40 km a week more as a way to keep fit.

Herlene Natasha Leah Yu

Herlene is a national triathlete and will be representing Singapore in the upcoming SEA Games.


Having only started running last year, Vanessa has since claimed several podium positions since then.


Upper Technologies

Derek : The external overlay of the ASICS logo provided some support to the midfoot. The fit and sizing of the shoe is true to size and it feels pretty roomy. I need almost zero tension in the laces to achieve a good secure fit with zero heel slippage.

Vanessa: The heel counter was well padded and felt secure without being overly restrictive. The tongue is also well padded to prevent hotspots upon lacing up.

Joey: The weave-like upper is secure and comfortable. I love how the laces stayed put the very first time I did them up and they did not come loose during any of my runs. Lockdown is great with no heel slippage at all.

Herlene: I like the mesh material used for the construction of the upper. It allows for good airflow in and out of the shoe, enhancing the breath-ability which will definitely be helpful in the hot and humid weather.

Midsole Technologies

Derek : The FLYTEFOAM is soft and compressible, and then you get the FLYTEFOAM PROPEL which has a more stable rebound feel. When you combine them together, there is a distinct return of energy as your foot leaves the ground.

Vanessa: The curved guidesole and 5 mm heel to toe drop purports to provide an efficient ride by locking the ankle and allowing the body to naturally “lean” forward. I found that this shoe truly ‘rocked’ me into action. The run felt fluid and the feeling of being propelled from heel to toe made the experience novel and enjoyable.

Joey: Cushioning feels generous yet the shoe remains responsive without being too hard. The heel-to-toe transition of the GLIDERIDE is very smooth due to its unique geometry. It has been a positive experience for me so far and definitely one I would recommend.

Herlene: I found it pretty light and ideal for longer runs and the thick midsole provides a good bounce during propulsion. The 5 mm heel-to-toe drop helps to automatically roll my feet to the big toe for an easier and stronger thrust during each stride. I feel that I am more efficient and it has allowed me to last longer during runs.

Outsole Technologies

Derek : In terms of traction, it holds up very well on road surfaces and sandy trail. The forefoot curvature and toe spring enables the foot to roll through the gait cycle more efficiently. Furthermore, the GLIDERIDE does not feel too stiff and clunky, or too soft and sluggish.

Vanessa: The grip was good and it felt slip resistant.

Joey: The grip on the outsole has been great so far with good traction on tarmac, pavement, and hardpack dirt. The indented groove running through the entire length of the sole does reduce some weight without compromising on the feel of the ride.

Herlene: The traction on the GLIDERIDE is pretty good and it offers a relatively high amount of grip.

Overall Shoe Conclusion

Derek: The ride of this shoe as a daily trainer or long run shoe is very good. It is squarely in the maximal-ist category in terms of feel, with a high stack height coupled with a nice dynamic bouncy ride.

Vanessa: This shoe is well cushioned, comfortable and versatile for the long run and easy days. Interestingly when used for walking, it made the experience enjoyable because of the guidesole which made me have that extra bounce in my gait.

Joey: The GLIDERIDE actually made me look forward to my runs. I feel less tired towards the end of my runs and I find that I can hold my form for longer. I attributed that to the unique geometry of the plate, helping to maintain my running efficiency over the course of a run.

Herlene: The GLIDERIDE ensures that I am running at optimal bio mechanics. The heel drop ensures that the ankle curvature mechanisms are in place, making my run much more efficient than it was before.