thunder shares his preparation towards the race in indonesia and thailand

[24th April 2019 – Indonesia] ASICS Relay runners and KPOP fans in Indonesia and Thailand will be running alongside South Korean singer, Park Sang-Hyun aka Thunder! With ASICS Relay Indonesia 2019 happening on the 29 June at ICE Convention Centre, Thunder shares his excitement as he prepares to relay the night with fellow runners and fans.

Question: How will you be involved in ASICS Relay 2019?

Thunder: I am so honored to be selected as the ambassador for ASICS Relay 2019 in Southeast Asia. ASICS is one of my favorite running brands and it was definitely fun, to be the face of their creative campaign. I love the unique aspect of completing race as a team and that makes it more fun. Also, I will definitely be coming down to Jakarta and Bangkok and take part in the race!

Question: What preparation will you take to get yourself ready for ASICS Relay 2019?

Thunder: I am definitely going to start running more but will mix it up with various other physical training aspects, to ensure stamina. And of course, preparing a cool music playlist that will accompany me on my run.

Question: What are you looking forward to for this years’ ASICS Relay 2019?

Thunder: Other than actually running the race, I am really looking forward to meeting all the fans in Indonesia and Thailand! It will be a different experience for me to run alongside people and soak in the city vibe.

Question: Will the fans get a chance to be in the same team with you for this ASICS Relay 2019?

Thunder: I wish! However, I will be running in a team with city ambassadors and other talented folks when I’m in Indonesia and Thailand. I am excited to meet them and I hope our team has a fun time. But I will definitely be running alongside participants of the relay so let’s cheer each other on!

Question: Do you enjoy running?

Thunder: Actually I haven't done a long distance marathon for quite a while now and I'm not that good of a runner but I enjoyed running when I was a kid.

I think this ASICS Relay is a good motivation for me to start running again.

Question: What are you currently working on? What can we expect from you creatively next?

Thunder: Right now I'm working on my new album and I'm only focusing on that.

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