ASICS Studio 21-Day Challenge

21-Day Challenge

Join our 21-day challenge in the ASICS Studio™ app to create healthy habits.

Starting on January 7, join coaches Erin Bailey, Kelli Fierras and Adam Cobb for 21 days of meal plans and audio workouts on the ASICS Studio™ app. Follow along on our Facebook and Instagram to collaborate and stay motivated with other challenge members.

Calendar and Phone
Coach Erin Running


Strive for Strength

Fast-paced classes created by your favorite trainers guaranteed to keep you engaged (and sweating) the whole way through.

  • Follow along to a series of explosive workouts
  • Build strength and gain endurance in the New Year
  • Engage your muscles with a variety of strength training and cardio classes each week


Eat Clean & Fresh

Adjust your eating habits with our daily recipes packed with nutritious ingredients and flavor. Healthy meals lead to better moods and energy levels.

  • Get creative with seven different ways to use one ingredient
  • Explore the dynamics of cooking using only a few (but fresh) ingredients
  • Kick off the new year with healthy cooking habits

Trainer Meditating


Find Your Peace

Drown out the chatter with a series of meditation classes—uncover the tools you need to find balance in your life.

  • Focus inward with meditation classes
  • Gain new skills on how to calm anxieties and stress
  • Learn new strategies on how to reach your goals


Coach Erin

Erin Bailey | Movement

The host of the 21-Day Challenge, Coach Erin brings enthusiasm and camaraderie into her workouts to bring you a major feel-good mood boost.

Coach Kelli

Kelli Fierras, RDN | Nutrition

Cook alongside Coach Kelli, a running coach and registered dietitian. She’ll help you make the most of this challenge with nutritious meals packed with flavor.

Coach Adam

Adam Cobb | Meditation

Focus on aligning fitness with nutrition and spirituality with Coach Adam to get steps closer on the path to health and happiness through meditation.

Join the community

Find motivation from fellow participants. Share your progress, interact with your coaches and find encouragement from other fitness seekers.

Stay up to date

Follow along with our Instagram account for tips, giveaways and more.

We’re here to kickstart your resolutions.

Make 2019 the year of healthy choices simply by following along to our daily workouts and recipes.

Get the fitness class experience anytime, anywhere with the ASICS Studio app:

  • Choose from tons of workouts, including plenty of equipment-free (and hotel-friendly) options
  • Follow along to top-tier audio workouts, plus videos of each exercise so you don’t get lost
  • Classes are unlimited and on demand, so you can fit a workout in whenever you have time
  • Explore a variety of training programs that put you on a schedule to strengthen, tone or train for a race

*The 21-Day Challenge is free on the ASICS Studio app.
Upgrade to the premium version to have full access to workouts and training plans for just $14.99 per month/$49.99 per year.