ASICS and Disney•Pixar team up to fight the lazy villain and get you moving this summer.

We’ve created an Incredibles 2 footwear collection, and a series of super workouts inspired by your favourite family of supers;From super strength and stretch, to stealth, balance and speed. Discover your inner super power as you get out and move with the whole family!

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Meet the Incredible FrontRunners

From super bursts of speed, body bending flexibility to superhuman strength, stealth and balance; These are the real people that are helping you bring your Incredible power to life. Watch the workout, take the challenge and get moving to a healthier, happier life. 

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Dr. Moritz Tellmann

Düsseldorf, Germany

Profession: Doctor, Pilot, Personal Coach, Fitness Expert

Quote: "Inspiring people is my goal and I have enough energy to transfer to other people."

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Hanna Hansen

Cologne, Germany

Profession: DJ, Model, Kicboxing Coach

Quote: "I love movement and I want to become better and better every day."


Charly Dankwa

Hamburg, Germany

Profession: Personal Trainer

Quote: "The confidence you gain from training can take you far and help you achieve your goals"


Julie Bjanes

Bærums Verk, Norway

Profession: Personal Trainer and influencer

Quote: "I want to show people all the positives in life." 

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Chey Kemp

Reading, England

Profession: Sports Science student

Quote: “Training gives me confidence, it makes me feel strong, powerful and unstoppable”

Share your super power certificate

Once you’ve completed your mission, be a true hero and inspire others to move! Download and share your superpower certificate on social media to encourage more people to join the challenge. 

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Your mission this summer: Grab your family and friends and clock up a total of 24 hours of fun, free activity. Log your time every week for a chance to win incredible prizes.

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Join us this July at the ASICS outdoor pop up on Regent Street, London. Participate in a series of fun, engaging fitness challenges and activities, win amazing prizes and get moving with ASICS