ASICS and Disney•Pixar team up to fight the lazy villain and get you moving this summer.

We’ve created an Incredibles 2 footwear collection, and a series of super workouts inspired by your favourite family of supers;From super strength and stretch, to stealth, balance and speed. Discover your inner super power as you get out and move with the whole family!

Meet the Incredible FrontRunners

From super bursts of speed, body bending flexibility to superhuman strength, stealth and balance; These are the real people that are helping you bring your Incredible power to life. Watch the workout, take the challenge and get moving to a healthier, happier life. 

Dr. Moritz Tellmann
Düsseldorf, Germany

Profession: Doctor, Pilot, Personal Coach, Fitness Expert

Quote: "Inspiring people is my goal and I have enough energy to transfer to other people."

Hanna Hansen
Cologne, Germany

Profession: DJ, Model, Kicboxing Coach

Quote: "I love movement and I want to become better and better every day."

Charly Dankwa
Hamburg, Germany

Profession: Personal Trainer

Quote: "The confidence you gain from training can take you far and help you achieve your goals"

Julie Bjanes
Bærums Verk, Norway

Profession: Personal Trainer and influencer

Quote: "I want to show people all the positives in life." 

Chey Kemp
Reading, England

Profession: Sports Science student

Quote: “Training gives me confidence, it makes me feel strong, powerful and unstoppable”

Share your super power certificate

Once you’ve completed your mission, be a true hero and inspire others to move! Download and share your superpower certificate on social media to encourage more people to join the challenge. 


Your mission this summer: Grab your family and friends and clock up a total of 24 hours of fun, free activity. Log your time every week for a chance to win incredible prizes.


Join us this July at the ASICS outdoor pop up on Regent Street, London. Participate in a series of fun, engaging fitness challenges and activities, win amazing prizes and get moving with ASICS