‘I can’t go out running – it’s raining!’ It’s a common excuse and we’ve all used it at some point. But it needn’t be such an easy excuse, as long as you have the right gear to protect you from the elements and keep you warm. Find out how you can stay dry when you’re out running.

When it rains, you’ll need to keep your running gear dry. Technically this means keeping an eye on two different things. Your clothes should keep you dry from:

Finding the Right Running Clothing

ASICS running clothing uses advanced fabrics that keep you protected and dry, as well as comfortably warm. Particularly suited for wet weather are tops made of the lightweight Softshell material.

It’s made of three thin layers and is designed to be:

Layering Up

In addition, ASICS running clothing is based on a layering concept that allows you to combine items depending on your needs and the climate you run in.

Layering allows you to choose a suitable combination of up to 3 layers:

  1. outer or shell layer to protect you from wind and rain
  2. mid layer for thermoregulation and to provide extra warmth
  3. inner or base layer for thermoregulation

In winter you might choose to wear 3 layers, while in spring you can use 2. Winter items are also available in different thicknesses so you can toughen up in colder weather and choose lighter items in milder weather.

Choosing a Top and Bottom

You need tops and bottoms that will keep you both dry and warm, so look for the following:

Running tops:

Running bottoms:

Stay Visible in Bad Light

Another important factor to think about in running gear is your visibility. In winter and in the rain, when the periods of daylight are short and you’re often forced to run in the dark, it is essential for your safety that you are visible for other road users.

ASICS running clothing features reflective details to ensure your visibility, often applying them through 360 degrees so you can be seen from all sides. You can also run with a small LED lamp.

Ready to brave the rain and cold? Explore our collection of running clothes today!