The benefits of a regular running regime can include a happier mood, more energy, increased confidence and less stress. It’s also the best exercise to lose weight. What are you waiting for? Lace up those trainers.


1. Buy decent running shoes. See the ASICS Running Clinics advice on gait analysis, 3D foot mapping and product advice section on choosing your running shoes

2. Set yourself a goal. This might be running in a 5k race, or losing 10 pounds. Make sure your goal is something achievable. 

3. Find a running buddy. Having someone to motivate you is invaluable.

4. Run off road on softer ground. It will introduce your joints and muscles to the impact of running. Wear the right gear for an off-road run.

5. Make sure you drink enough water. Aim for 100ml (about half a cup) every 20 minutes.

6. Start by walking for two minutes and jogging for one minute. Repeat five to 10 times (adding a repetition when you feel able), and keep doing this until it feels easy.

7. Progress to walking for two minutes and jogging for two minutes. Repeat four to eight times (adding a repetition when you can). Once you can do eight reps, up your jogging time to three minutes, doing it four to eight times.

8. Drop the walking interval to one minute. Then add one to two minutes to each jogging interval every week until you can eliminate the walking break.

9. Keep a running log. This is where you record each run that you do. It’s excellent for motivation. 

10. Enjoy yourself!

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