Both walking and running have several health advantages. Running is a fantastic cardiovascular workout that builds bone and muscular strength. Additionally, it improves your heart and helps you lose weight and burn calories.

Running and walking both call for different motions hence, require a different pair of footwear. Unlike walking, when one foot is constantly on the ground, running involves both feet being in the air. Therefore, putting on a worn-out pair of running shoes may not be as simple as choosing the best walking shoes.

Fortunately, over the years, ASICS has developed a number of running and walking shoes that have advanced the industry. This evolution required patience, commitment, careful thought, and investigation. The best-selling ASICS shoes for men are the end product of our labour of love.

What you should look for when buying running and walking shoes?


Runners strike the ground with greater force than walkers do since walkers always have one foot on the ground. The excitement surrounding air cushioning systems in running shoes is due to the fact that runners require more cushioning in the heel and forefoot than walkers do. Most walkers could benefit from less heel cushioning and don't require additional forefoot cushioning. It is a trade-off between a heavier shoe that decreases the impact on your feet and legs and a lighter shoe that you might be able to run or walk faster in since greater cushioning adds weight.

Shoe weight

The weight of the shoe has a direct effect on the wearer's pace. Since running shoes are often lighter, moving rapidly is easier. Walking shoes, however, are frequently heavier, which helps you maintain stability while you walk. In other words, running shoes promote faster motions whereas walking shoes support a slower, more steady pace.


Both walkers and runners need flexible shoes, but the location of that flexibility is important. The ability of a shoe to follow your motions depends on how flexible it is. Most running shoes have a more flexible midfoot or arch, which helps runners consistently land on their midfoot. Walkers need high arch flexibility because they propel themselves forward with their toes. In other words, walking requires flexibility in the sole of the shoe, which running shoes do not provide. If the arch is rigid, walkers run the danger of tearing and inflaming the plantar fascia ligament, which can be excruciatingly painful.

Heel height

Running shoes are made with a built-in heel to give runners stability. Depending on the person, different areas of the runner's foot make contact with the ground first. The foot strike might occur at the ball of the foot, the midfoot, or the forward portion of the heel. There are various theories on the ideal heel-to-toe drop for runners. However, walkers roll through the step and hit with the heel. They don't require a higher heel.

Best Selling Running Shoes From ASICS

GEL-KAYANO- If you're wondering what ASICS is known for, you should mention the GEL-KAYANO sneakers, the best running shoes in India. This shoe was created for overpronated feet and was initially offered by ASICS in 1993. The GEL-KAYANO model was developed to make it easy for runners to cover great distances. Additionally, it comes in both men's and women's sizes and numerous styles. Check out our Gel KAYANO series if you’re a runner.

Best Selling Walking Shoes From ASICS

Gel NIMBUS- Numerous factors contribute to the continued popularity of the ASICS Gel Nimbus series. Most significantly, it is the only shoe in its class that has gender-specific characteristics. ASICS walking shoes for men and women have added even more with the Gel-Nimbus 22 and 23, the models from the following generation.

You can choose to walk or run as part of your regular exercise routine, but knowing the characteristics of the correct shoe can improve each stride. You'll have happy feet the entire time if you wear shoes that fit well, have the correct amount of padding, and allow your feet to breathe. To get the best pair of running and walking shoes, check out ASICS' wide selection and pick yours!