Since our founding in 1949, our purpose has been to help people achieve a Sound Mind in a Sound Body.
To do this, we need a sound Earth to run on.

We’re committed to make a positive impact on people and our earth for the next generation. We’re taking action by reducing carbon emissions, embracing recycled materials and using less resources.

Our circular approach to addressing climate change

This means using fewer materials, reusing materials and making longer-lasting products.

circular approach

1. Design

Create products that use fewer resources

2. Materials

Use recycled, bio-based and water-efficient options

3. Production

Source renewable energy and manufacture efficiently and cleanly

4. Use

Constantly improve quality so products last even longer

5. New Life

Take packaging back for reuse and recycling

Yellow Sunflower Icon

Planting seeds for a brighter tomorrow

The ASICS sunflower icon represents our sustainability pledge and commitment to preserving the planet.

This icon can be found on:

• Shoes containing leftover materials or at least 30% recycled material in the shoe's main upper material.

• Apparel containing leftover material or at least 50% material from textile waste in the garment's main material.



In 2045, the United Nations will celebrate its 100th anniversary. VISION2045 campaign is a documentary film series focused on inspiring a better future for all. ASICS was selected as a representative from the sporting goods industry.