May 15, 2022

Get Ready for the TCSW10K BENGALURU 2022

TCS World 10K is here, and ASICS is empowering you all to win every km you train. So, lace up and join the movement with ASICS, coz #EveryStrideWins


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Every Stride Wins 

Time to Lace up and get moving. Register to ASICS contest Every Stride Wins and get rewarded for every KM you clock.

Follow just 5 simple steps:

  1. Register on to participate
  2. Download the Runkeeper app & track your run.
  3. Upload your activity + Runkeeper screenshots regularly on
  4. Train at least twice with ASICS RUNNING CLUB. (Link shared after registration

    Race Day Look

    Our race day essentials are here to help you show up confident and ready for anything


    Get race ready

    Start preparing for your race with ASICS #EveryStrideWins Contest. Win for every KM you clock