ASICS responds to the needs of the field.

The role of working shoes that support the feet of workers in pursuit of safety and comfort is important. 

Utilizing ASICS technology and experience, we will respond to various on-site issues.


CP grip sole with excellent grip

Uses a material with excellent wear resistance and a design that takes into consideration slip resistance.

ΑGEL® that reduces the impact and burden on the foot

Equipped with αGEL®, which has excellent shock-absorbing properties, on the heel. It softens the impact on the foot and reduces the burden.

* ΑGEL® is a registered trademark of Taica Corporation.


Artificial leather upper with reduced seams

Uses an artificial leather upper with as few seams as possible. It is a specification that makes it difficult for water to enter. (It is not waterproof.)

Glass fiber reinforced resin class A toecap

Work shoes are required to be safe and lightweight. A lightweight toecap made of glass fiber reinforced resin is mounted on the toe part to achieve both safety and lightness.

Belt fitting adopted

By adopting an adjuster belt that has excellent fit and is convenient to put on and take off, it prevents the foot and shoes from slipping.

Toe-up design

By raising the toes of the shoes against "stumbling", which is one of the causes of "falling", it is difficult to get caught.

Monosock structure

Stretch material is placed at the mouth to improve the fit between the foot and the shoe to enhance the sense of unity.

Adopt SRB insoles

In order to reduce the burden on the foot, a three-dimensional SRB insole that supports the arch of the foot and prevents the heel from collapsing inward is adopted. It can be removed and washed to keep it clean.

ASICS stripe design

Asics stripe design is given to the side of the heel as an accent.