How many times have we heard the phrase 'getting a second chance', and what if that phrase was.. A Second chance for your life? This is the team I'm proud to be the captain of. 5 people that are living for the second time, thanks to an organ transplant, 5 people who have chosen to be the protagonists of their lives and not stay on the couch, as they have been advised to do.

A year ago the "virtual" meeting with Niccolò Scelfo, the chats, the sharing of ideas in common, I knew that in the short term I had to do something with Nic, two creative minds together can only do big things. I did not hesitate to contact him when it was time to form the team for ASICS World Ekiden 2021.Nic was able, not only to inspire me and give me so much energy, but also to communicate to the world how important sport is in his life.
He accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and also contacted 4 other unique people in just a few days. With so much emotion in my heart, I present to you my ASICS World Ekiden team, which is not only mine, but is the team of all those people who live... again.

I'm Alessia, the only one who didn't transplan in the team, but the one who gave a yes for organ donation. This is my message, a simple flag, which sometimes you may forget, can save the life of many people. I'm a mum, mum who loves running! A life always on the move and well organised. I have so many ideas. I study, work, and have so many passions, but above all I have an unconditional love for my daughter, my partner and my family. Without scheduling I couldn't do all the things I do. The sofa is not mentioned in all this. Sport has always been an integral part of my life, I have tried everything, I was first a player and then a basketball coach. The degree (then two) in Physical Education and Sport Sciences, the exams to teach (last exam given I was pregnant in the 7th month), but also everything that is Community, Digital and Social Media Communication. My job is my biggest satisfaction, ASICS has improved my life, sports and work. From my pink GT 2000 to today there isn't a day that I say "uff what a bore". It's never boring here. I strongly believe in Sound Mind Sound Body, and also in UpliftingMinds. The power of movement uplifting the mind, I tried it pre and post pregnancy. There are many blogs where I talk about it. Now it's time to introduce my TEAM.

Alessia Sergon

Curious, mysterious, strange... I have been called in many ways by many people, but it is only in late 2019 that a group of doctors managed to find the adjective that should identify me most: "Rare". The reason? I got diagnosed with a rare disease, in fact, that was taking everything away from me: Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). The cure? Inexistent. The only way to survive was a liver transplant, made possible by a donor whom I thank every day living my new life with a smile. I decided to do it in constant motion, somehow keeping faith with the motto "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano", because - as someone much deeper than me once said: "I'm not what happened to me, I'm what I choose to become". Today for me physical activity is not only a way to get better, but also an achievement, an opportunity for improvement, sharing, and raising awareness. Playing sports I can demonstrate that "Transplant is life", and life after transplant is a compelling challenge to destiny, to negativity, to hopelessness; a battle to win at all costs, step by step, getting lost to then finding yourself again - in what looks very much like a marathon; a long, sometimes grueling race into the unknown with an important message to deliver, difficult moments to overcome... And new friends to meet along the way. Are you running with me?!

Niccolo Scelfo


I'm Marco and I underwent a kidney transplant 10 years ago. I am the National Coordinator for ANED Sport - Italian National Transplant and Dialysis Association. I'm not a real runner, meaning that I started running "thanks" to the Covid-19 pandemic. I play competitive volleyball but in the past, I played basketball, swimming, tennis, skating, archery, rugby, and - occasionally, even a bit of baseball. I ran the 5Km for the virtual world championships last May and I must say that the Italian team did well. I hope to be able to do it again this time.

marco mestriner


In 1991 I am forced to interrupt my football activity following a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease; after only 3 months, I undergo dialysis. One year later, the long-awaited call for a kidney transplant arrives: I successfully undergo the transplant at the polyclinic of Bari, thanks to an "angel" who donated me a kidney. The surgery, in 1992, opens the doors of a whole new life and a desire to reach new goals: I choose the path of athletics, starting with some 10, 21, and 42km city runs. Unfortunately, in 2008 my kidney stopped working and I went back on dialysis. In 2009, another call for another transplant at the "Umberto l" hospital in Rome. These obstacles were not enough to curb my desire to fight and continue competitive and sporting activities. The disease (after two kidney transplants) was transformed into energy to reach new competitive and sporting goals. These include various 6-hour races. In 2018, I became the European champion of the 5km race walk in Sardinia, and in 2019 World champion in Newcastle. All that with the transplanted ANED sport Italian team. We are now stuck because of Covid-19. The message that I carry in all the events is: "I run because you have given".

Angelo Panio


I'm a kidney transplant recipient. The first transplant in 1994, with an organ donated to me by my father, the second transplant in 2013 thanks to my ex-husband. I also love running, I love all sports; and then I love to walk the catwalk, even if age has advanced ... But you only get old when you stop dreaming!


I'm Katia, a kidney transplant recipient for 3 years. The organ was supposed to come from my mother, but then an "angel" arrived first and I agreed to live for Her, too. I am the mother of Martina, 22 years old; I love fit-walking - I used to run, but I'm going back to my old origins. I love the sea, swimming, and the mountains (skiing, mountain biking, and walking). I have my own shop of fresh pasta and desserts, I live among temptations! When the disease came unexpectedly, I felt lost. Then I squared off and fought back. My motto is: "Saddle up and hit the trail".


Run together, Uplift the World


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