I've probably often talked about my training group. But I've never talked about the benefits and the obvious positive impact that this group has had on my growth as a sportsman and athlete.

Everything can be "shared", but some aspects of life, both positive and negative, can make that "something" more beautiful or less ugly.

I've always been struck by a quote from a famous movie (Into the Wild), but which is actually taken from a man's life (being based on a true story):

"Happiness is true, only when it is shared." (Christopher McCandless, aka "Alexander Supertramp")

The same with sports and running.

Training alone is great, because it allows us to clear our minds from voices, thoughts, boredom and so on. But working out in a group can make everything more special and colorful. Moving together, sweating together and sometimes even "suffering" together can make that pain more bearable.

As I always like to remember, runners are like links in a chain, if taken individually, however hard and strong they may be, they may be insufficient, but if tied together, they will surely be stainless.

My Local Community in Rome, led by coach Luca, is for me this chain that I often talk about.

We spur each other on, we make fun of each other, we comfort each other and confront each other in the most difficult moments, as in the case of an injury, we participate in competitions together giving each other support. All this happens between people who perhaps in their non-sporting lives have nothing in common, but with a pair of shoes on their feet they become indivisible companions.

That moment of the day when we are together our minds and our bodies rise to something higher, something that singularity would not be able to express or create.

So, if you haven't already, I suggest you find a group, a club, a local community, that can make your running experience (or sport in general) more valuable and effective for your mental and physical well-being.

We all started out running "solo," but I've often heard friends "quit" because they didn't have a goal or direction. This is the purpose of a community: give to the runner a direction.

If you are in Rome, you can ask me, but the same goes for other locations. The ASICS FrontRunners are scattered all over Italy!

Remember...the world spin only if we all run together!

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