ASICS teamed up with Highsnobiety & asked 3 creatives how being active helps them keep focused whilst trying & styling the NOVABLAST™ SPS trainer.

Meet Dani @DaniKM, Lisbon-born, London-based photographer.

Do you have any routines or rituals that help you stay balanced?

“Going out in the morning so your brain creates melatonin for you to sleep well at night and playing animal crossing when it’s cold out so I can pretend I’ve spent the day outside.”

Meet Foday @iamfods, London based Fashion Designer, Founder of Labrum.

What do you do to keep a sound body and a sound mind?

“A sound mind is the result of a sound body for me. Regular running keeps my mind clear, I get to enjoy the city I live in and share it with whomever I am running with.”

Meet Freja @Frejawewer, Copenhagen based creative director & stylist.

How do you get in the zone before a job?

“A good night’s sleep, healthy food that will give me energy, and then I always take a walk and listen to music right before.”


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