Full name: Fernando Belasteguin
Nickname: Bela
Sport: Padel
Date of birth: 19 May, 1979
Place of birth: Pehuajo, Buenos Aires, Agentina
Residence: Barcelona, Spain
Height: 5'9"


Fernando Belasteguín (Pehuajo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, born 19 May 1979), also known as "Bela", is an Argentinian professional padel player who is currently No. 1 in the WPT (World Padel Tour) ranking. He plays on the backhand side of the court and is right-handed. At age 22 he was the youngest player in the world to reach No. 1. Padel pair Juan Martin Diaz and Fernando Belasteguín were the only pair in history to spend 1 year 9 months undefeated, winning 22 consecutive tournaments (September 2005 to May 2007). They were also the only pair to hold the No. 1 world ranking for 13 years and to win 170 tournaments.

Belasteguín is the only player in the history of Argentinian padel to have obtained 10 Silver Olimpias. His track record includes winning five Padel World Championships: in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2014, and 2016. He is currently the player who has spent the longest at No. 1 in the WPT world ranking.

Fernando Besasteguin


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  • Professional Padel player since the age of 15
  • 210 tournament wins of 253 finals played since his professional debut
  • Number 1 player consecutively for 15 years
  • Two consecutive years at number 1 and 22 consecutive wins in doubles tournaments
  • 13 years doubles number 1
  • Winner of 158 finals out of 178 with Juan Martin Diaz (2002 – 2014)
  • World Padel champion 2002-2004

Fernando Besasteguin



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