Full name: Pablo Lima
Nickname: Lima
Sport: Padel
Date of birth: 10 November, 1986
Place of birth: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Residence: Barcelona, Spain
Height: 5'9"


Pablo José Mongelo de Lima (born 11 October 1986 in Porto Alegre, Brazil), known as Pablo Lima, is a Brazilian professional padel player who is currently considered Brazil's best player. He and his ex-teammate Juani Mieres managed to beat the best pair in history, padel pair Fernando Belasteguín and Juan Martín Díaz. After the pair's split-up in 2015, Pablo Lima has begun to play alongside Fernando Belasteguín. Together they have been at the top of the league in 2015 and 2016.

Pablo Lima


  • 2 consecutive years at number 1 doubles

Pablo Lima



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