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Athletic headgear is an essential part of any runner’s kit. The right headgear will protect you from the elements, keep you cool or warm (depending on the season) and avoid distraction or irritation. As anyone who’s tried running with the wrong sports headgear will know, the wrong materials can make for a very uncomfortable experience!


So, what should you look for in athletic headgear? 


One of the most important features of specially designed sports headgear is that the materials used in the product can wick away moisture - this means that you avoid sweat build up and rubbing. Professional headwear will also protect you from the elements - meaning it should be water resistant and protect you from overheating when running in a warmer climate. You should also look for head gear made from lightweight material that features reflective elements which ensure you’re spotted by traffic after dark. 


ASICS sports headgear is designed for serious runners seeking comfort, protection and style, whatever the weather, Browse our balaclavas, beanies and baseball-style running caps to find the best athletic headwear for your workout. 

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