Genesis of GEL™

The GT-II™, a revamped retro runner designed to accompany your movement through everyday life. Featuring GEL™ technology first introduced in 1986.

Meet the Talent

Ama Video D

Ama Lou (@amalougistics) Has been a fan of ASICS shoes for the last few years, wearing them for walking to refresh her mind and body between creating her music.

Adm Video D

Adam Katz Sinding (@aks) wears ASICS for running, his hobby away from work as a Fashion Photographer.

“I walk all the time. Sometimes I’ll be out three or four times a day. It’s just a coping mechanism for me.” “Sound Mind, Sound Body means keeping balance. It’s the awareness that the two are intrinsically linked and you have to look after both.” - Musician, Ama Lou

“I’ve learned that dressing in more of a classic and timeless way has become more of my direction. When you choose a timeless pair of timeless pair of sneakers, you’re not going to look back at a photo ten years from now and say, what was I doing?” - Photographer, Adam Katz Sinding​