For a running parent, there are few things more exciting than the day your child wants to start running. But remember: it’s all about them having fun. In the first few years of their running life, everything should be geared towards them enjoying it. Otherwise they’ll soon drop out and could fall out of love with running completely. If they prove to be very good (maybe already beating mum and dad), winning shouldn’t be everything at their first races.

Kids Running - Getting into the Sport


If your son or daughter wants to start running, a good first step is to take them out with you. It’s a safe way for your child to start out and it’s the best way for you to pass on your enjoyment of the sport.

When you’re out with your child, remember a few golden rules:

  • Keep it fun – they should always run with a smile on their face
  • Be realistic about their abilities – don’t go on a route far beyond what they can do
  • Explain what running is really about – it’s to do with improvement rather than instant success
  • Don’t force the pace – let your child dictate the speed and follow their lead
  • Show off local scenery – let your child appreciate the beautiful outdoors as part of their running

Comfort is very important too. So make sure they’re running in the right shoes for their pronation level and the distances they’re doing.

You don’t have to spend a fortune right away – we have children’s running shoes designed for beginners like the GEL-GALAXY GS.


If your son or daughter wants to start competing, there are plenty of junior races they can enter. For your child, it’ll be an exciting step and perhaps their first experience of winning and losing.

For you, as a spectator, there are a few things to remember:

  • Choose the distance wisely – make sure your child can make it to the finish line
  • Make it about fun, not winning – they should know win or lose that you’re not disappointed
  • Respect your child’s coaches – no child wants to see their parents and coach arguing over them
  • Support don’t scream – encourage your child and all the other children racing too

Kids Running - Getting into the Sport


Our children’s running shoes are designed just for kids – so while they may share names and technologies with the adult versions, they’re specific to young runners.

For beginners

The GEL-GALAXY GS gives your child:

  • Great cushioning
  • Everyday comfort for when they’re not running

For overpronators

The GEL-KAYANO gives your child:

  • Support and stability
  • Huge amounts of cushioning

For neutral runners

The GEL-CUMULUS GS and the GEL-NIMBUS are cushioning shoe that give your child:

  • Comfort and cushioning
  • A durable outsole