Trail running means taking your running off road. It means having to navigate across varied terrain and getting used to some different types of running – particularly when you’re going up or downhill.

Trail Running Shoe Guide: Find Your Shoe


Running off road with your normal running shoes doesn’t give you enough support. It also doesn’t protect your feet – and when you’re going over uneven terrain, that’s really crucial.


The shoe you get depends on where you’re going to be running and how fast you want to go. If you’re heading in to mountains, you’ll need a shoe to suit the rocky and steep terrain. But some trail runners prefer a hybrid of a road and trail shoe. Be prepared for tougher terrain and conditions with the best trail running shoes, for both men and women.

Depending on your trail running shoe, you can get:

  • Waterproof protection that keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Special midsoles that are harder in the mid- and forefoot and softer in the rearfoot
  • Tough outsoles keep your foot protected
  • Full contact outsoles give you great contact with the ground and help you run up and downhill

Trail Running Shoe Guide: Find Your Shoe


Take on the toughest trail routes at speed in the GEL-FujiAttack. Attack the uphill sections, go steady on the downhills and zip around corners – this is for your long, technical trails, and some even lace them up for ultras.


Your next off road adventure calls for a shoe that stands up to the challenge of the ever changing terrain and uneven landscapes of exhilarating trail runs. You need a shoe that’s reliable on the ascent and descent, one with trusted grip on wet and dry, hard and soft surfaces and one that lets you stop at nothing. You need the GEL-FujiRado.


The trails await, run them your way in the GEL-FujiTrabuco, now with minimal overlays and 3D welded, no-sew construction to reduce friction and rubbing. The improved outsole features deeper studs for added traction while the light weight design ensures you’ll be springing through the mountains, forests and open fields in maximum comfort.


When your footwear is well equipped to handle the ever-changing terrain of trail routes, you’ll be able to pay more attention to reaching your goals and to the spectacular scenery around you. The GEL-Sonoma is an extremely durable trail shoe packed with trail specific details to keep you stable and supported.