A couple of weeks ago ASICS launched its fastest shoe that they ever made. I got the opportunity to test the shoes to its and my personal limits. After running approximately 150 kilometers on these shoes it is time to write a review. In English this time. I will share you my personal findings about these new type of carbon plated shoes.

For whom are they made for?
These shoes are made for the stride-style runner. These type of runners, like me, take a longer stride once they start increasing their speed, without really changing their cadence. The cadence stays primarily consistent. Let me explain that a bit more.

The stride-style runner lengthen its stride but doesn’t increase its cadence. They for example make 18 kmh look like they are ‘jogging’. It’s the type of runner who does a long run easily in 15kmh. That being said, that is why the stock for this shoes are so limited. ASICS focused with these shoes on the top performing runner. But that doesn’t mean that the technology they have used in these type of shoes won’t be available in the near future in other models of ASICS. Shoes that the majority of the runners do there daily workouts on. For example the Nimbus or Kayano. So ASICS will be working on shoes that conserve more energy and will give more forward propulsion without compromising the benefits of a stable shoe. 

I know you are probably very curious about the shoes and love to experience the ASICS METASPEED SKY, but I think when you don’t run faster then 40 minutes on a 10k, you actually don’t really need them. To my personal opinion you should work first on the improvement of your basic motoric skills like speed, technique, strength, mobility and flexibility and your personal lifestyle. The same counts for elite runners. They don’t only run faster by wearing carbon plated shoes. They still need to train hard, rest, eat healthy and reduce stress. And besides that, when you are a heel striker or have never run on shoes with a low heeldrop (5mm) like these, there is higher risk of running related injuries. I've experienced that my calve muscles and achilles tendon needed to work harder to obtain enough ankle stability. It’s like you or me driving Max Verstappen's his Formule 1 race car. A car accident almost guaranteed when you will hit that gas pedal. Same goes for recreational runners trying to run on the carbon plated shoe.

Great looking shoes
A couple of years ago when the carbon plated shoes where introduced I found them to be honest very ugly, but everybody was breaking their personal best by minutes. I was amazed that the combination of lightweight foam and carbon could make such a difference, but said to say it went at the expense of creating an equal level of playing field. And the pandemic made that even worse, because the introduction of these type of shoes by other brands took longer or were delayed due to import and export restrictions. For a long time ASICS didn’t have the most competitive shoe yet, but with these pair of shoes they have not only development a more then competitive shoe, but also a good looking shoe. They did a great job on the design and colours. I wouldn’t mind to wear them under a pair of jeans. How about you?

The midsole and outsole
To enhance an upwards spring ASICS designed its midsole with two types of foam. The FF Blast Turbo and the FLYTEFOAM Blast for extra cushioning. This superlight weight foam gives you a lot of comfort without absorbing energy. The shoes reacts very well on running turns because they made the midsole a bit wider then the uppermesh. Good job ASICS! In combination with the full-length carbon plate it gives you a lot of stability and forward propulsion ánd a lot of elastic return. I’ve measured with our motionmetrix system, which is a 3D Analyzes system - in my own running expertise center - a significant more elastic return then on normal racing flats, this all without negotiating the responsiveness of the shoes. I feel all the time I’m in control. It is also because of the great traction of the outer sole. The ASICSGRIP technology gives a great traction under almost all weatherconditions. In a sense, the shoes don’t feel wobbly, they support the runningmotion during contactphase, midstance phase and during the toe-off phase. Especially just after the midstance phase you feel when you go into the toe-off phase, that these shoes are catapulting you. You can really focus on the contact time when you strike your foot.

The uppermesh and his size
The first impression of the shoe is always important. And then I’m not talking about the design but especially about the fit when you step into them. The uppermesh encloses your feet very nicely. The tongue of the shoe is minimal and won’t give you much protection when you lace up. So be careful you don’t lace up to tightly. I’m glad the laces are not to elastic, so you can pressurize the tightness of the laces yourself. That is why I don’t like the Metaride and Glideride. The arch of my feet get hurt by the laces of these shoes. So the uppermesh from the METASPEED hits my personal standard, but the size is unfortunately not correct.

I have never had problems with the size of racingflats from ASICS but with the METASPEED SKY I hurted my big toes. They got blue. I gues it has something to do with the bended/curved shape of the shoes and the small space you have in the front part of the upper mesh. It feels like your bumping into the front edge of the shoes. So when ordering these shoes I would recommend you to fit it first at a runningstore or order a shoe that is a half a size bigger. My advice to the research and development department of ASICS is to collect some feedback about the size of the shoes, because I heard more runners talking about this issue.

Overall, this is the shoe that will break many records and will be more than just competitive with other brands that have been setting the standard so far. The ASICS METASPEED SKY is now part of the next generation of shoes that are made to fly.

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