I am a long distance runner and I like nice shoes that fit well and feel good, but when it comes to all the technologies I remain a bit sceptical. "Can a shoe make you run faster?" The new MetaRide and GlideRide got me convinced...

When I first saw the MetaRide they did not immediately appeal to me. The big red sole seemed too big and the shoes looked a bit strange to me overall. But when I saw some runners wearing the MetaRide I actually thought the weird curved shoes looked pretty cool. They did not seem as big as I thought and the red and black colour combination makes them look pretty stylish.

From the day the MetaRide was launched our ASICS FrontRunner WhatsApp group exploded. The only thing anyone could talk about was this new curved shoe, the MetaRide. Apparently a true innovation in the world of running. After three years of extensive research this new shoe was developed to save you 19.1% of energy, making you run more efficient, thus faster.

“If only for my curiosity and being able to engage in the conversation I could not wait to try them out on a run.”

I am a long distance runner and I like nice shoes that fit well and feel good, but when it comes to all the technologies I remain a bit sceptical. "A shoe that makes you run faster." I understand that when a shoe is heavy it could slow you down to some extend, but a shoe that makes you run more efficiently sounded a bit exaggerated to me.

I personally tend to go for the light weight shoes such as the DS Trainer or the 451. The DynaFlyte 3 I find comfortable for my long runs. So the MetaRide with the big curvy sole seemed very far off from what I was used to. If only for my curiosity and being able to engage in the conversation I could not wait to try them out on a run. Even though, at this point I still thought I was not going to like them.


The moment I tried them on I found out that these shoes are not as heavy as they look. I also discovered that they are not made for walking. Walking in them did not feel right. The sole is round which pushes you forward. While running that might be efficient but not while walking. I started to feel my ankles and shins, but from the moment I started running that ought feeling immediately made place for comfort and a smooth, almost effortless feeling. My strides seemed more efficient. I was gliding forward with hardly any upward motion and less bounce than usual.

In that moment it clicked and I started to believe the hype that these shoes actually make me run better and faster. It sure does feel that way.


I understand some people have to get used to this new sensation, but for me this was an instant match. The shoes fit comfortable on my feet, not too wide or too snug. The toe box is a bit wider which I like, especially on longer distances. My strides actually feel more efficient, saving me the energy that the research mentions.

The big sole might give the impression of very heavy cushioning but I was happy to discover that this is not the case with the MetaRide. Personally I am not a fan of shoes with a lot of cushioning such as the Gel-Nimbus or Gel-Kayano, so the amount of cushioning and bounce back of the MetaRide is perfect for me.

photo by Andy Astfalck during the 15K of Bruges


After running an 8k training run on the MetaRide I felt save to wear them on the full marathon in Paris and I am happy I did. I felt like I was flying. Running felt easy and smooth. I had no blisters at the end of the race, no pain, nothing. Safe to say these are my new favourite marathon shoes.

After the Paris Marathon I have worn the MetaRides in several races, from 10K to 42K. The only races I would not recommend them for are races on uneven terrain, such as cobbled streets or cross country. These shoes are made for the road.


After the launch of the MetaRide comes the new GlideRide. Less flashy and bright as most of ASICS shoes. The GlideRide comes in a softer burgundy colour. To me, a great choice for this cool urban style trainer. With the launch of the GlideRide I was expecting, or hoping on, a lighter and faster version of the MetaRide, a race version so to speak, but that is not what the GlideRide is about.


The GlideRide, although being slightly lighter than the MetaRide, 255gr as opposed to 275gr for women and 265gr vs 300 grams for men, do not feel faster to me.

I would say that the GlideRide is designed for runners who want the efficiency of the MetaRide with the comfort of the Gel-Nimbus. The MetaRide including all the high-tech features and energy saving sole, and the Gel-Nimbus being the best sold running shoe for long distances within ASICS. Not a bad combination I guess.

photo by Andy Astfalck


As opposed to the 0 heel drop of the MetaRide the GlideRide comes with a 5mm heel drop and a slightly less pronounced curved sole. This gives the GideRide a 16% energy saving sole as opposed to the 19.1% in the MetaRide, which is still significant.

The more common heel drop and softer curve make this shoe feel more ‘normal’ and easier to wear, while still giving you the benefits of the three year research and development of the ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS). Helping you to run faster, more efficiently, for longer.

According to ASICS this new shoe brings the GUIDESOLE™ technology, found in the MetaRide, to a larger audience. I think that is exactly what it does.

Last but not least

Normally I don’t wear shoes with this much cushioning and in the beginning I also struggled with the fit of the shoes; loosing sensation in my toes and feet. But the feeling of efficiency, running faster and easier, was the reason I kept wearing them.

After about five runs, varying from 5 to 20 kilometre runs, I got used to them. I found the right tightness of the laces; quite loose that is. The shoes do not move or shift on my feet, so it is not necessary to tighten them too hard. And although this might be just my feeling as I could not find any differences in the technical sheets, the upper of the shoe feels thicker, making them feel slightly warmer, than the MetaRide. I usually prefer the light knitted upper.

Final verdict

For training runs I will keep wearing the GlideRide, which I had not expected after my first run in them, and I was even considering them for my marathon. But for most races and my upcoming marathon I will probably choose the MetaRide. That 3% more energy saving might just be what I need to give me that PB.

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