I tested Fujitrabuco 7 in the wettest, hottest and most beautiful Jungle Ultra in the World! Here’s my story:

One of the most important steps to work on while preparing for a huge challenge like the Jungle Ultra Marathon is to look for the best gears that will help you gain confidence before stepping into the challenge. Why? Well its simple, having the right equipment / gears ease your journey, help you avoid injury, and bring you one step closer to the finish line.

My challenge was to pick the right trail shoes for my breath-taking foot race through the Amazon rainforest.

What is the Amazon Ultra marathon?

Well, it's a race in the boiling Amazon Jungle starting from the breath-taking cloud forest running from the Andes mountains to the Madre de Dios River.

We had to make our way through 235 km or sweltering Jungle, choked with mud and humidity. This high humidity reaching 100% many days, made sweating useless in maintaining our core body temperature, leaving us saturated for extended periods of the race. This year, rain has accompanied us through most of the journey which made even more challenging.

It is a self-sufficient race, which means carrying our own hammock, sleeping bag, food, first aid kit, survival kit, clothes during the entire race and replenishing 2.5 liters of water along the way at check points and base camps. Total bag weight was 12-13 kg the first day above.

After hours of research and trying out different shoes I ended up picking Fujitracbuco 7 and I didn't miss.

The shoe was so stable, and worked well between my transition across different terrains and was holding up strongly. The midsole provides cushioning in all the right places, especially in the whole. I didn't worry about feeling the rocks and roots under my feet, thanks to the strong rock protection plate.

The ASICSGRIP ™ technology allowed me to both climb and descend the trails without losing footing. The shoe has multi-directional 4-6 mm lugs which provide a slip free running experience specially when the shoe was so wet from rain or after crossing a river and straight to run on rocks.

They feature GEL® technology for added shock absorption and enhanced comfort. The gel is in the very only way and the forefoot is EVA. I felt so comfortable and well protected with Fujitrabuco in addition to great lacing system, with a little pocket in the tongue to store the laces while running. On top of that, my feet didn't slip inside the shoes while running in the river or after. Which is a great added value.

I like the aggressive look of the shoes, loved the new design compared to Fujitrabuco 6 and my favorite was the red and black colors, great combination.

In summary, this shoe provides great support, strong grip, durability and comfort that works perfectly across different terrains and makes you forget about ankle twists.

I highly recommended Fujitrabuco 7 for all your upcoming adventures!

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