When we talk about running, we are talking about an individual sport. However, there are many reasons why running is a Team sport. Find bellow a few examples on why my Team is so important for me.

There are several reasons that lead us to run. Whether they are to keep us active, keep our body in shape, to keep the balance between a sound mind and a sound body or to compete.

When we talk about competing, we are not really saying competing against others, but most of the time, we compete against ourselves and we race to beat our personal record (PR).

The interesting thing about running is that, even though we know that we have to run the entire distance by ourselves (be it 100m or an ultra marathon), our team makes us feel even stronger, they make us believe even more in ourselves, they give us positive energy and they even make us run faster.

When we talk about running, we are talking about an individual sport. However, there are several reasons why running is a team sport. 

So many reasons that I could write here and explain to you the importance of having a team. 

My Team is ASICSFRONTRUNNERS. A team of around 600 members spread all over the world. 
A team that treats all of us equally without looking at age, gender, ethnicity, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, etc. A team that shares the same passion for sport, that encourages others to move and do what makes us happy. A team that I am very proud to be part of, this incredible group that I'm proud to say: They are my family . They are people that I would never met if it wasn't for running.

After this, I hope everyone can understand that, even though it is considered an individual sport, running is, undoubtedly, a team sport. Even if you run alone, I'm sure you have great supporters by your side.

And ... Those are the ones we call our TEAM. 

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