The answer to this is, of course, quite clear: sharks simply can’t run. So that problem is solved immediately. That does not mean you can still encounter real challenges while running while you have your period. Yet it is not all doom and gloom and you can even benefit from it during your cycle. Read on and discover how the combination of sports and menstruation can best go together. I am going to share some knowledge and tips with you, so that you can get started with this consciously.

To all men who have not yet dropped out due to the title of this blog: I'm sure this information could be very interesting for you too. If you, as a man, want to score points with the ladies, knowledge of the cycle is a very good entry. Not only proclaiming that knowledge, but showing understanding and sharing tips based on that knowledge, that is worth gold. So hang on for a while.

The menstrual cycle consists of four phases: the follicular phase (getting ready for ovulation), ovulation, the luteal phase (week before menstruation) and the menstrual phase. In all these phases, the composition of the hormones changes each time, causing various physical and mental changes.

So, let's start with your ovulation phase. Your estrogen level will rise and your female hormones will drop, so you can explore your sporting limits (and exceed it here and there). Estrogen ensures that your body uses more fat than carbohydrates and glucose during a somewhat lighter workout. You are less likely to become exhausted during that phase, so you can last longer.

During this period it is also a good time to increase your muscle strength. Your muscles grow faster due to the amount of hormones and you suffer less from muscle pain. Time to go to the limit during strength training. It is very important that, in preparation for an intensive training, there is sufficient carbohydrates and glucose in your meal. Since you use glucose as fuel for your muscles during a short, strong training.

In the week before your period, exercising becomes harder than usual. This is because then your progesterone level shoots up. Progesterone breaks down proteins and you need proteins to rebuild your muscles. Recovery after training therefore also takes more time. Progesterone also ensures that you breathe faster and more, you use more oxygen. And you just need that oxygen for your muscles. So this is a good time to train a little less hard or to go for a swim.

By the way, due to progesterone, your body temperature between ovulation and menstruation is on average 0.3 ° to 0.5 ° warmer than the rest of the month. The menstrual cycle thus affects the thermoregulation of your body. It is therefore better to train in a cooler environment during that period. In fact, this hormone makes your body heat up less quickly and it won’t cools down fast during exercise.

Are you planning to run a competition and you have your period exactly then, it can turn out to be very beneficial! Besides the fact that it can be a bit clumsy (in terms of bloody inconveniences) it is really a good time to be able to put down a top performance. This has to do with the fact that your estrogen and progesterone levels have dropped again. You recover faster and because you produce the substance endorphins while running, you have a higher pain threshold. This substance also reduces any menstrual cramps or lower back pain. The fact is, if you hesitate to exercise during your period, it is better to put on your sports shoes to get moving and even break personal records.

By the way, I will come back to that shark for a moment. Everyone knows this myth: don't go swimming when on your period, because that's what sharks will be attracted to. I just debunk this story for a moment, that is not going to happen either. Sharks do have a strong nose and can indeed smell (menstrual) blood, but also urine and sweat. Even if you were to excrete all of this into the sea at the same time, this is all so diluted by the water that sharks have absolutely no interest in you. Incidentally, 90% of all people who are attacked by sharks are male. 

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