Márcia Martins

Store Manager Asics Head Office van Amsterdam

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Functionele Training Dansen 10k Halve Marathon Trail run

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My name is Marcia Martins, almost 28 years old, Cape Verdean origin and Cape Verdean and Portuguese nationality. I run since I remember my existence, but it all started on 2005 when I moved to Portugal. I joined a track and field team and practiced the sport for 14 years (400m / 800m). In 2018 I moved to the Netherlands and had my best gift in 2019 when I joined the Asics Frontrunner Benelux team. As I always say, running is in my DNA and is part of my routine. It's my happy moment.

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5th place at the National Championship (Sub23 categories) - 800m

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Record 10KM


Record 800m


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Mid Winter Marathon - 10 Miles

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Datum Event Discipline Leeftijdscategorie Tijd
06.02.2022 Midwinter Marathon 10 Miles Toekomstig

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