I have tested the COURT FF™ 2 CLAY. Here are my findings.

One year ago I tried the COURT FF™ 2 CLAY. These shoes provide a sock-like feel when putting them on. The sole on the other hand feels very thin and stable. The firm chassis provides a high amount of responsiveness and a feeling of balance. 

In the past I always bought the Nike Court Air Zoom Viper. It's a very nice looking tennis shoe but I missed firmness, stability and a comforable feeling when I wore them. Another stricking difference is durability, and the wear of the Court FF™ 2 CLAY is much less than the wear of the Nike Court Air Zoom Viper. 

I'm an all court tennis player and the shoe supports my forward movements and backward movements to behind the baseline. Moving left and right on the baseline is also supported because the shoe fits tidely around my feet. The COURT FF™ 2 CLAY is my all time favourite tennis shoe that I have tried so far in my tennis career.




Marvin Cijntje

Tennis Coach & Academy Founder

Favorite surface: clay All-Court