Comfort, Cushioning and Stability - a very durable shoe

As good as these shoes were when I took them out of the box, they became even better after just a few hours of playing. It felt like the suppleness and flexibility in the upper and toe box allowed the shoe to mould around my foot. Having a wide foot, with a preference for 2E (wide) versions in both running and tennis shoes, meant that the highlight for me was finding a snug and comfortable fit which completely alleviated any little toe pain or abrasiveness on the sides of the forefoot. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone that prefers a wider fitting shoe.

I thought these shoes breathe really well due to the ventilation mesh in the toe box.

The shock absorption is adequate for my 193cm frame. There is definitely enough padding and support for any all-court movement. As well as the comfort, I was impressed by how low these shoes ride.

For me these tennis shoes have been ideal. I hope you get the same pleasure from them as I have.


4.5/5 STARS


Shaun Slattery

Tennis Coach

Favorite surface: clay All-Court