My opinion on the Gel Resolution 8, a comfortable and stable shoe

I have been wearing the Gel Resolution 8 for a couple of months and I really enjoy playing in them. They feel light, soft and easy on the feet, while providing high level of stability. I really like the design of this limited edition, it feels unique and different from any other shoe. 

This shoe is perfect for coaches like me who spend most of their day standing up and would like to prevent any back pains. I still feel at ease after standing on court for a whole day before of the cushioning these shoes provide. 

I used to wear the Adidas barricade and I can feel the difference between the two shoes, the barricade's sole used to stiff and hard on my knees.

I would recommend the Gel Resolution 8 to any player who looks for a mix of comfort and stability, and to every tennis coach. 


4.5/5 STARS


Sirfraz Arif

Tennis Coach

Favorite surface: clay All-Court