Not always the winter conditions are perfect for outdoor running, but the Asics Fujisetsu 2 allows you to enjoy also the most slippery roads and trails maintaining a great comfort and running feeling.

The Asics Fujisetsu 2 is the new winter model for the 2018/2019 season, following the Asics Fujisetsu launched a few years ago. I have run a lot with both shoes and there is definitely a reason why the new Asics Fujisetsu 2 is the "test winner" among the winter spiked shoes in 2019. 

The new Asics Fujisetsu 2 is much lighter than the previous one (266g vs 312g), although there is still a robust gore-tex membrane protecting the feet from water and snow. I am generally not a big fan of running shoes with gore-tex membrane, even in winter, I believe they often are too warm, but considering the conditions for which this shoe is made (ice and wet snow), the gore-tex is absolutely a great choice. In fact the feet are warm and dry even after a long run, although I would not advice to use warm socks, but regular running socks are enough.

The sole is equipped with 15 metal spikes along with a robust and aggressive grip. You can run safely on thick ice, and you don't need to worry about steep downhill or challenging turns. It is really possible to rely 100% on the grip. The sole has a typical profile of a trail running shoe, so even in moderately deep or wet snow your feet are not too close to the terrain, and therefore won't get easily wet.

What amazed most of this shoe is the comfort and the running feeling. At the first try it might be a bit stiff, but after a few kilometers it feels like a regular running shoe. The drop is 10mm and the GEL Asics cushioning system protect both the heel and the forefoot. The gel in the sole gives both enough cushioning when the ground is very hard and icy, but at the same time it maintains great running feeling, and the sensation to wear still a pretty light shoe. As all the shoes with spikes, running on asphalt even if for a few kilometers it is not really enjoyable, so it is good to look for ice and snow constantly.

On January the 5th I have run in Tromsø the "Mørketidsløpet" (half-marathon). The weather was not friendly: wind and a lot of rain melted the snow that was yet on the ground, making the roads look like an ice-skate track. Even though I am pretty used to this weather, the conditions were so extreme that the only possible choice was to run with a pair of spiked shoes. I have run the half-marathon with my Asics Fujisetsu 2 in 1:24:51 (10th place) having perfect grip, good running feeling and full comfort. No less I had  no injuries or problems in the following days at my feet, knee or ligaments, even though run 21,1Km with spikes on icy road it is not the most mild type of training!

I am normally picky with running shoes, especially trail shoes, but this time there is really not much to improve in the Asics Fujisetsu 2. I might like a version without the gore-tex membrane, but only a water repellent upper-mesh, that would make the shoes even lighter and quicker, but many would not like colder feet in winter.

Summing up, winter is also a great season for running outdoor, you just need the right equipment. The Asics Fujisetsu 2 is definitely a must for running safely and comfortably on snowy or icy roads and trails.


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