Running events are now bringing us together where we can all share one passion, a passion for movement. At every race, I see thousands of smiling faces of all ages, different cultures, and athletic backgrounds. The energy and fulfilment you see in every runner is clear, and every face has a unique story behind.

ASICS Frontrunner Norway is about just that. Different people sharing one passion. In our team, you will find:

Yes, men wear pink too for a good run and a good cause. (selfie by captain Kim)
They make me do things I do not normally do, like Bungee

Some of us are elite runners. Some are not so fast. We also have our individual favourite disciplines. In our team, you will find OCR athletes, trail runners, long distance runners, and sprinters. Some of us are also keen triathletes, bikers, swimmers, skiers, and accomplished Taekwondoin. Each of us also has different goals: becoming an ultrarunner, sprinting for national championship and some just simply run to stay sane and to maintain good health. But above all, it is because we love running!

I joined ASICS Frontrunner in February 2020, just before the measures on the corona pandemic started. So, I have had few opportunities to get to know my team. But in one year, my teammates have made me feel at home. They are always encouraging, always eager to provide good training tips, are so much fun to hang out with, and we always have a blast. In one short year, we have connected  both virtually and in real life through virtual runs, fun runs, and charity run. Becoming an ASICS Frontrunner was my highlight in 2020 - to connect with people who have the same passion has truly been a blessing. I cannot wait to get to know my international teammates once travel permits!

With the ever-increasing diversity of runners and awareness of fitness, more and more people are getting into regular exercises. Our wish as AFR is to continue to inspire this trend, to reach out to more people from all walks of life and backgrounds, to get people to move regularly. Benefits from running and movement are something everyone needs. It does not matter whether you are young or old, where you are from or even if you are suffering from physical illness, exercise does something good for everyone!

Although running can be an individual sport, we are far from being on our own. We all come together with a different story, from a different background, with a different goal, with a different determination. But in the end, we are all tied together by one passion.

Different people. One passion.

Want to join a team of one passion and to inspire others? Apply now!

Different people. One passion

Photos by Sylvain Cavatz

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