Light, aggressive, comfortable and protective, the new Fujitrabuco Pro got everything you might wish for a trail/OCR shoes.

In the last year Asics has produced several trail shoes, mostly focusing on comfort and cushioning for long run rather than lightness, grip and stability. The new Fujitrabuco Pro is a totally different shoes: light, aggressive, responsive and stable in all conditions...exactly as I like it!

Lets start with the weight: with 260g the Fujitrabuco Pro is much lighter than previous and similar competitive models. As well as the Fujirunnegade, the internal sock gives a perfect feeling around the foot, but now the sock is very light and thin, so the shoes still feel light even when completely wet or muddy. In addition the sock helps to avoid that small rocks will get into the shoes. 

The forefoot has enough room for the toes, but it never feels too wide and the feet is always very stable not sliding forward as it happens often when the shoes are wet. There are essentially no friction points either that might produce pain or blisters. The shoes fits really like a sock, but a fast lace system, with also the possibility to fix the laces to the shoes, gives the opportunity to adjust them quickly if needed. I actually have tight them too much producing some pressure on my upper foot in my first race, since I was expecting them to get loose when muddy and wet, but that did not happen. Note that the shoes do not dry very quickly, but they do not retain water at all, so they feel always light when running.

XTLETIX Munich got some water and mud to test the Fujitrabuco Pro

The running feeling is what probably has impressed me can feel the terrain and have a great running sensibility, but at the same time get a good cushioning (provided by the Flyte Foam system) and protection from rocks and uneven terrain.The grip is simply great both on wet and muddy trails, but also on rocks and more technical downhills. The structure of the sole: with extra stud in the middle and not too pronounced in the front as in earlier model, make this shoes great also when facing obstacles. 

I have tried the shoes four days in a row for a total of 30km and 2500m ascent in the mountains, and two obstacle races for a total of 35Km (which were muddy, flat and fast). I was very surprised how the shoes could tackle every conditions and still feel light and responsive also when running flat on hard surfaces, as it was in the last part of the races. Ramp, walls and in general obstacles, where your shoes can play an important role, were not an issue. Regarding pure trail and mountain running, the Fujitrabuco Pro felt light in the uphill with a great grip in the most muddy and steep parts, and very stable and reliable in the technical downhill, where even in a rainy day I didn't really have any issue on roots, stones and mud.

The Fujitrabuco Pro were great on technical terrain

So after four days using intensely the Fujitrabuco Pro in different conditions, I can easily say that this is my new favorite trail shoes and I will definitely use it in many OCR races.

A few technical info:
Weight: 265g
Size: Normal Fit
Pronation: Neutral
Drop: 5-6mm

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