Days are getting shorter, colder and what's the best shoe choice for the upcoming months?

Everybody living in the north-hemisphere are experiencing shorter and colder days while the winter is approaching. I think this is still a very cozy period of the year when you might also insert some training variations in your routine and just enjoying the process. Anyhow, outdoor training sessions will be indeed colder and more wet due to the season. 
Veronica gave you already many good tips on what to wear while running in this season here, I will instead give you my point of view on the shoes to wear when cold and wet outside. 
For many out there the main question is "Gore-tex or not gore-tex"?

My personal suggestion is "No" gore-tex except for a very few cases. 

As many of you knows I leave in Tromsø (69" nord) so when we are discussing about extreme autumn or winter conditions I have pretty much 9 months of the year to test wet, snowy and muddy trails and road:)

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