Almost a year ago Asics launched the Fujitrabuco Pro, a lighter and more aggressive model of the traditional Fujitrabuco. Now an even lighter model is on the market, the Fujitrabuco Lyte. I could test the shoe for a few winter runs and here you can find some feedback.

I am a great fan of light responsive shoes also for trails, but often lighter models lose stability and comfort, while more elaborate models feels heavy especially when they get wet and muddy. I think Asics found a great balance with the new Fujitrabuco Pro (you can read my review here), so I was curious and excited to test the new released Fujitrabuco Lyte.
In Tromsø there are no dry or muddy trails in winter, only plenty of snow, so my test is limited to the winter conditions. Anyhow I tested them on a few run including: both fresh and packed snow, hilly terrain, speed and easy is my response and some info on the shoe.


Already when taking the shoes out of the box they feel light and very comfortable. With 270g it is definitely not a heavy shoe. There are essentially no frictions' points (as well as in the Pro) so it feels like a regular running shoe (more than a trail one). The forefoot is pretty tight so the foot sits stable inside the shoe, although the heel is not too high and hard, which is very good compared to many of the trail shoes on the market, which have a very hard heel cap. 
Those feelings were just confirmed during my runs. Although challenging snowy terrains, the shoe sits like a glove: namely very stable around the foot but without producing any blisters or frictions.  

Running Feeling

The flyte foam in the sole gives the shoe good cushioning, and I could feel that when running on icy roads, although the snow already gives a big cushioning effect, so harder terrain must be tested later in the season. Anyhow the sole and the cushioning have no negative effect on the feeling you get with the terrain. The foot flex makes a great job: very good sensitivity, easy to feel and follow the uneven terrain, but comfort at the same time


The Fujitrabuco Lyte presents a very solid and aggressive grip, with a slightly different sole pattern compared to the Pro. On both packed and soft snow, uphill and downhill, I felt very confident increasing speed and intensity whenever I wished. On icy roads instead it was very slippery, as expected, in fact most trail shoes get in big trouble on ice because of the reduced surface (studs) and the hard gummy mesh of the sole.
The grip is very promising for the muddy and steep terrains coming up in the summer and in OCR, no less they do already great on snow.

LACE SYSTEM And Upper mesh

The Fujitrabuco Lyte has a regular lacing system with a smart pocket to "hide" the lace during the run. This is a different choice from the Pro, and at a first glance I was a bit skeptical. After a few runs where the shoe got very wet in the snow, I have absolutely nothing to complain about: the shoes hold the feet stable, and the lace doesn't get loose even after 20km in the snow.
As mentioned, the shoe is very light and so is the upper mesh. Not only does this give great comfort, but it makes the shoe breathable and light even when wet.

Bottom Line

I think Asics, after the Pro, has produced another great trail shoe. It is light, comfortable, with good running feeling, but at the same time it feels stable on the foot and with an aggressive grip. Of course I need to test the Fujitrabuco Lyte also later in the season in warmer temperatures, muddy trail and OCR, but I am pretty sure I will be even more satisfied with that. More to come!


Trail runners who want a lightweight shoe with excellent grip will appreciate the FUJITRABUCO™ Lyte shoe from ASICS. This updated version has the flexibility and traction you need to speed through challenging terrain.The new...


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