Mørketidsløpet (Polarnight half-marathon) traditionally kicks off the new year in Tromsø, and this year was no exception despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mørketidsløpet (Polarnight half-marathon) traditionally kicks off the new year in Tromsø the first weekend of January. Around 2500 thousand local and international runners used to meet in Tromsø to run in the polarnight choosing between marathon (new for 2021), half-marathon, 10Km or 5km. This year the pandemic didn't allow many to travel to Tromsø, but still around 700 mostly locals runners could join the event. Following the national sanitary restrictions the race was spread over 9 hours dividing the runners in group of 25 starting at different time. No supporters were authorized, runners should run with at least 1m distance and do not stay more than the strict necessary time either at the start or at the finish line. Adding a few other minor attentions, I can definitely say that the race was perfect organised and I felt extremely safe in all the circumstances.

Being a special year, also the conditions were slightly special, namely no snow, ice or rain but dry asphalt as almost never before. You might say perfect running conditions, without mentioning -7C and 10m/s wind in some part...likewise a much faster surface to run on than the previous years. 

Mørketidsløpet is often my only half-marathon race, since normally the OCR season does not start before March and I otherwise prioritize trail and sky race. It is also a race I do not really prepare, but I slightly adjust the training the week before. This year I had planned to run with my little girl in the stroller, but for safety reason it wasn't allowed this time, so a few days before I changed my plan to run a fast race. It turns out to be a very fun race until halfway running with good HR at 3.40 pace. I realized I might have run a sub 1.20 race, so I decided to keep the pace for the rest of the race. The second half was a bit less fun because of the strong cold headwind blowing in the face. The average pace was definitely higher (3.46) and my HR as well, but once there I pushed all the way, crossing the finish line in 1.19.16 as number 15. Fun fact, turning 35 this year I got in a new age group (35-39) where it seems many run a bit slower since I was the first one here:)

Running in the wind is not always a pleasure :)

I am very pleased that the Mørketidsløpet could be arranged this year as well, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important for this event to keep on in the future, it is important for the runners and people in general to have some fun on racing, and most of all it is important to give the message that some outdoor activities can still go on even in this hard period. 

I personally continues my training running with the stroller, soon skiing when finally the snow will come, and enjoy the movement every day, because that is the best medicine against all the disease. 

Happy new year and hugs from Tromsø..#SounsMindInASoundBody


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