Even the most discerning runners will enjoy the latest model, engineered for performance and delivering enhanced stability and all-run comfort.

When GEL-KAYANO 28 hit the shelves in July 2021, shoes that competed with it were dealt a crushing blow. The GEL-KAYANO 28 represented a significant step forward from the GEL-KAYANO 27. With a new midsole material and gender-specific TRUSSTIC system, runners were at one with the road. Also introduced was an improved mesh upper so refined that the overall fit and feel increased running comfort.

What new features does GEL-KAYANO 29 have?

The newly released GEL-KAYANO 29 offers a whole range of new features for 2022 and beyond. GEL-KAYANO 29 features a lighter and more durable midsole, improved cushioning, and a shift towards sustainability, as well as a more comfortable fit that will help you run longer. Several of these features have been made possible through a total rework of ASICS' stability system, which combines numerous ASICS technologies from previous models to reduce weight and provide runners with a smoother ride.

1. New Stability Technology

Perhaps the biggest change in GEL-KAYANO 29 sees the introduction of LITETRUSS technology. In the development of LITETRUSS technology, ASICS has redefined the TRUSSTIC system and DUOMAX technology seen in previous models, integrating them to create one piece that extends from the lateral through to the medial wall of the shoe.

2. Enhanced Durability

The introduction of LITETRUSS technology has increased midsole durability in GEL-KAYANO 29. In our lab tests, we have found that the shoe feels the same underfoot right out of the box as it does 500 kilometres down the road. The shoe retains its midsole's energy regardless of whether you're a novice or experienced runner. Delivering more durability and improved performance over longer distances with less midsole deformation and a more responsive ride.

3. Improved and Lighter Midsole Cushioning

In the GEL-KAYANO 29, FLYTEFOAM BLAST was replaced by FF BLAST PLUS, ASICS’ softest midsole ever. Don’t be mistaken for thinking increased softness has a negative effect on shoe responsiveness under foot. FF BLAST PLUS provides industry-leading rebound that ensures a responsive, stable and super cushioned ride.

With a midsole that is 19% lighter than the previous model, GEL-KAYANO 29 is overall 4% lighter than GEL-KAYANO 28. As a result of the weight reduction, a small increase in stack height was also made possible (Men's - 25mm, Women’s - 24mm).

4. A More Comfortable Fit

The reinvigorated engineered mesh upper used in the GEL-KAYANO 29 has improved overall fit. Runners can expect an upper that moves with them through their gait and over the course of running as their feet expand.

5. Sustainable Production Processes

By focusing on the materials used and the production processes employed, a more sustainable design was made possible with the new GEL-KAYANO 29.

Both the upper and sockliner have been produced with sustainability in mind. At least 50% of the GEL-KAYANO 29’s main upper material is made with recycled materials. The sockliner is produced with the solution dyeing process that reduces water usage by approximately 33% and carbon emissions by approximately 45% compared to the conventional dyeing technology.

For more information, read about ASICS’ commitment to sustainability.

GEL-KAYANO 28 vs GEL-KAYANO 29, a side-by-side Comparison

As a shoe that has been so successful over the years, it could rest on its superior cushioning and support to maintain popularity among runners. However, ASICS is known for being at the forefront of shoe technology. Each and every model released pushes the boundaries, and this shoe redefines what it means to have a cushioned and stable ride for runners.

To find that perfect fit for your foot, we recommend visiting an ASICS stockist near you. You can also use our Shoe Finder Tool online to help find the right pair for you.

Contributing Expert: Dr. Christopher Bishop PHD (Practice - The Biomechanics Lab)