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I is the best of you. Me holds you back.
Moving connects the I and the Me. Together they become unstoppable.
Because after you move, you feel stronger, happier and sharper. In tune and in the flow.
Moving changes you for the better, which changes everyone you play, work, live and love with.
Which changes the whole planet too. But it all starts with me.I MOVE METM

I just like it, there is no reason, I just like it. - TJ

Beach volleyball pretty much saved my life. - Deketa

I tell my story by moving my body. - Larry

Skating makes me feel reborn. - Anastasia

I keep moving so people know they can too. - Tavian

If you can love yourself, the world is yours. - Kayla

Moving gave me my life back. - Casey

Meet the Movers

TJ started skating to make some new friends. At 8, he’s totally in love with the sport and skates every day because it makes him happy.