The DynaFlyte 2 is a thoroughly modern shoe. It responds to the needs of the contemporary sportsperson who demands versatility, the placing of ‘form’ as equal to ‘function’, and removing the absolutely unnecessary, whilst finely detailing the necessary. DynaFlyte satisfies those who like to dabble, but dabble seriously. 

Upper: DynaFlyte 2 heel design is less structurally obvious than DS Trainer. It opts instead to provide subtle contour from the base of the heel, cupping the heel bone and surrounding fat pad.

The upper fabric is stunning in appearance and is constructed as a one –piece fit.  There are no seams present and the porous fabric moderates temperature as the foot creates heat energy. 

The inner heel lining is a winning feature of this shoe.  The discomfort of blisters, pressure over bony architecture, or annoying heel slip is likely eliminated by addition of this satiny fabric.  The foot fits into the shoe in one slick movement and there is no angst between heel and shoe heel counter for the exercise entirety. 

Midsole:SpEVA lasting spreads over top of the midsole.  Already, there is cushioning felt immediately underfoot.

The midsole proper is made of Flyte Foam – Asics composite material that contains Kevlar and PET fibres for their high rebound and tensile stress, resistance to both deformation and durability.  It is a midsole that has had great feedback from consumers for its notable cushioning feel whilst retaining shape over time.

The pitch or drop height is 8 mm, giving it a more slender appearance as well as versatility to the user – a key buying factor for many fitness consumers.

Infused Gel is a dynamic cushion that sits within the midsole instead of independent of it.  There is an immediate feel of under metatarsal cushioning at take-off, whilst giving complete freedom of movement in the MPJs.

Outsole: A touch of Trusstic is apparent when looking at the undercarriage of the shoe. Subtle in size, it sympathetically moulds 90 degrees up under the arch, giving supervision as the foot moves forward past maximum arch tension.  The Guidance Line is also less obvious but functionally present to encourage the foot to stay on its central path to propulsion. 

AHAR heel rubber borders the outsole at high shear points – namely the heel. Highly resistant to abrasion, it is useful for the runner who lands at a steep heel angle and who often comes in at higher speed. 

When at the gym, I see a number of people – more so of the Millennial age wearing Dyna Flyte and  there is a general consensus on their feedback: attracted by the sleek appearance,  the feel surrounding the foot was supremely comfortable and the shoe is all purpose – treadmill, resistance work, plyometrics and group fitness appropriate.

Not only is Dyna Flyte suited to the highly fit specialist runner or racer, it suits those in the near opposite spectrum end – the non-conformist sportsperson who commits to a number of workout types within a week.    

To be enjoyed by both of these groups of sports people, this shoe was not created simply.  It is the result of mixing wise engineering with unencumbered art.