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Smaller footprint. Bigger difference.

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We only have one Earth to run on.

Since our founding in 1949, our purpose has been to help people achieve a Sound Mind in a Sound Body™. But in order to achieve Sound Mind, Sound Body™, we need a sound earth to run on. So we’re taking action—reducing CO2 emissions, embracing recycled materials and using less resources, to continue bringing the benefits of movement to the world we love to run in.

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Planting seeds for a brighter tomorrow.

The ASICS' sunflower icon represents our commitment to preserving the earth for future generations, growing healthier and more positive in both mind and body. Look for it to find information related to our sustainability initiatives as well as products that are part of our sustainability pledge.

Our circular approach to address climate change.

1. Create items that use fewer resources and are easier to recycle.

2. Utilize recycled, bio-based and more water efficient options.

3. Source renewable energy and manufacture efficiently and clean.

4. Constantly improve quality so products last even longer.

5. Take items back for reuse and recycling.

ASICS Circular Approach diagram.

Targets for improvement.

2030: 63% CO2 reduction across direct operations and supply chain vs. 2015
2030: 100% renewable energy across business facilities
100% recycled polyester commitment
2050: Net-zero carbon emissions