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Being a reputable brand that athletes trust, ASICS has been partnering with various sporting events over the years and has been chosen as the official preferred partner for the SEA Games 2019, which will be held in the Philippines from November 30 to December 11.

ASICS has also been supporting upcoming talents in the sporting arena under #TEAMASICS, some of which will be representing our country in the upcoming SEA Games.These athletes include runner Mary Joy Tabal, professional tennis player Ruben Gonzales, and long-distance runner Jerald Zabala. Our athletes will be geared for gold, dressed head to toe in ASICS apparel and footwear that offers superior technology to assist them in performing at their best in their corresponding sports.

As ASICS helps bring our athletes closer to the finish line, let's support them in raising our country's flag. We win as one!

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Mary Joy Tabal

Mary Joy Tabal is the first female Filipino marathon runner who qualified for the Olympics. Her running career began when she became the 2013 Milo Marathon Champion, holding the title for the next 3 years in a row. Since then, she has been competing locally and continues to bring pride to the Philippines by going the distance.

About Mary Joy