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It’s time to block out the world’s distractions and focus on your breathing, your heartbeat, and push your exercise to the fullest. ASICS women’s equipment is designed to support you as you push towards your goals. Whether you’re cranking up the difficulty on the cross trainer, making yourself go the extra mile on your run, or driving to beat your PB, our women’s sports equipment is there to keep you going.

The right equipment helps you get more out of your workout, and we've designed our gear to help you go further. Our range of colourful and lightweight arm pouches give you a comfortable and convenient pack to hold your phone and listen to your favourite tunes, and thanks to its ergonomic design, you avoid rubbing, heat or moisture build-up. And to keep you hydrated, our smart but simple water bottle keeps you hydrated during your exercise sessions.

Match your women’s gym equipment with our women’s clothing to get the full look, and browse our range of accessories to find all the gear you need.