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Whether you’re getting into scrum position, lining up for a free kick or diving for a try, don’t get distracted by hot, uncomfortable gear. ASICS' women’s rugby clothing has been designed to give you total comfort, breathability and effortless movement whenever you’re training with your team. Whether it’s hot and dry or cold and rainy, our women’s rugby clothing is built to keep you fresh and focused, regardless of the conditions.

Our women’s rugby clothing allows you to play your game in total comfort. Our South Africa Springboks-themed jerseys are lightweight and breathable and are made with durable fabrics to hold up against even the toughest tackle. We’ve optimised our jerseys to give you the ultimate rugby gear, with moisture-wicking technologies, a nanotape chest gripper and tight fit for effortless style.

Match your training gear with our other women's accessories and clothing for the ultimate style, whether you’re training or simply watching a game. And browse our women’s bags and packs to carry your kit to and from practice in total comfort.