0:00:00.650,0:00:08.670 Success does not come at once. It is not

[Slow zoom in on face of tennis player Novak Djokovic, dressed in tennis outfit, in a white room.]

0:00:04.890,0:00:11.130 a thing achieved overnight. It is a

[Zoom in on Novak tying the laces of his tennis shoes.]

0:00:08.670,0:00:14.099 result of many, many years of hard work,

[A tennis ball bounces.]

0:00:11.130,0:00:17.930 sacrifice and determination to achieve

[Closeup of a tennis racquet swinging.]

0:00:14.099,0:00:21.060 goals both on and off the court.

[Closeup of Novak's feet, dressed in white and blue ASICS tennis shoes, maneuvering quickly.]

0:00:17.930,0:00:23.460 To be at the top you have to keep on

[Novak tosses his tennis racquet into the air and catches it in slow motion.]

0:00:21.060,0:00:25.760 moving and focus on every aspect of your

[Novak bounces a tennis ball and throws it into the air.]

0:00:23.460,0:00:25.760 game.

[Novak jumps up and swings the racquet to hit the ball, and the camera switches rapidly to focus on the ball, the racquet, and Novak's feet as he moves through the serve.]

0:00:26.240,0:00:36.510 Sport is not just a game, it is a way of

[Slow zoom in on Novak, seated as he was at the beginning, slowly looking up to make eye contact with the camera.]

0:00:29.970,0:00:39.170 life. My name is Novak Djokovic,

0:00:36.510,0:00:39.170 and I MOVE ME.