You’re on a slick, sweaty mat, trying to manoeuvre your competitor into position while keeping your feet on solid ground. Choosing the right men’s wrestling shoes can be the difference between success and being forced into an error – or worse. ASICS’ men’s wrestling shoes give you the support, grip and durability you can depend on – meaning you don’t get distracted when grappling in competition or training.

Your choice of wrestling shoes is the most important equipment decision you are likely to make. You need a shoe which will give you enormous amounts of grip and ventilation to keep your feet cool – while also offering full ankle support to reduce the risk of injury. Working with design engineers and wrestlers of every level, we’ve built the world’s best men’s wrestling shoes – used by pros and amateurs alike. Browse our range to find out which are right for you.

And between rounds, make sure you’re refreshed with our ergonomic water bottle, and carry all your gear in one our stylish men’s bags and packs.