The name holds true to the quality, you get maximum cushion, traction, and the fun that comes along with it! From dry dirt trails to high elevation winter snow, Trabuco Max gives you the right cushion and traction for more confidence on your strides.

I was very excited to order these pair, after having some sore left knee issues from increasing my running milage I was wanting to try out more shoes with more cushion to see if it makes it better. After couple months of running in various terrains, Trabuco Max is definitely going to be my shoes for the upcoming trail ultra in Zermatt and here are the reasons why:

Max comfort and cushioning

When you run on the trails often times the surface is soft enough you don't actively notice the cushion, but once you start running on more paved or packed down even surfaces you notice the cushion right away! It's not quite the bouncy feeling you get compared to some other shoes like Novablast, but I really did feel like my joints had it a little easier despite hundreds of km of hiking and running around the mountains over 5 weeks.

Max the traction on any surfaces

I've noticed that other reviewers of Trabuco Max has mentioned this too, the traction of these shoes are just a big step up from the other trail shoes! Just looking at the sole it's not really the case the grip is aggressive or anything, but on uneven or slippery surfaces I noticed the grippy feeling right away. I just slip a lot less on muddy or snowy surfaces where normally I'd have to tread a lot more carefully, which is an amazing feeling! Of course there is a limit to this, once the snow started melting during the day about 2500m and up of elevation it does start slipping, but most any shoes would do the same so I really really think the traction of Trabuco Max is one of it's strongest features!

Breathable mesh upper

So from the same snowy runs I did, I started postholing and dipping my feet to deep mud at places that soaked through my entire feet. Usually I don't mind too much running on wet feet for a while, but for longer periods of time it does get annoying. Trabuco Max dries amazingly fast! I was lucky to have a sunny weather but even with that having my shoes dry within hour or so of complete soaking on mud and snow was quite astonishing, and this gave me a lot of confidence for wearing them for longer distance trail runs where I could get my feet wet.

In summary

I am very happy with these shoes and will definitely wear it for the 50km trail race I have scheduled for this August, with so much cushioning, traction, and breathability I feel super confident to choose Trabuco Max for my trail runs in the future! So if you wanna save some energy and maybe lighten the stress on your joints, I definitely think Trabuco Max is a great choice for your trail runs!

Trabuco Max

Energy savings are an important component for trail runners traversing across long distances, which is why we applied GUIDESOLE™ technology to the TRABUCO MAX™ trail shoe. This trail running shoe provides improved cushioning and traction while a...

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