Gather up and put your teamwork and fitness to the test! ASICS Relay is proud to present a team obstacle challenge to steer you away from the monotonous training sessions at the gym!


Join us for a battle to be the fastest and fittest teams! The ASICS Relay Obstacle Team Challenge brings to you an obstacle course, designed to test your agility and ability to work as a team.


Date: 21 April 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 10.30AM to 7PM

Venue: BHS Amphitheater (BGC)

Cost: Free. It's totally on us! (While we hope to see you at ASICS Relay Philippines, you do not need to be a participant to register for this activity.)


Registration is on a first-come-first served basis. There are limited spaces available, reserve yours now! [Update: Registration has ended. Visit our Facebook Page for pictures!]


What's going on? 


Gather a team of 4 or join as an individual and battle your way through the obstacle stations. Battle to the top and walk away with a free ASICS Relay Team Slot & other attractive prizes in these categories:

  • Top Male Team of 4
  • Top Female Team of 4
  • Top Mixed Team of 4
  • Top Male (Individual)
  • Top Female (Individual)


Event Flow

10.30AM to 11.00AM - REGISTRATION

Mark your attendance at our booth and sign the waiver form. If you did not pre-register, you may sign up for a slot at your desired wave timing, subject to availability.

Learn about ASICS Relay and approach our host with your questions!

Enjoy a 5% discount off ASICS Relay Philippines 2018 when you register on site! 



Conquer 5 exciting obstacle stations! 

Instructions for Teams of 4:

  • Each team member must go through all the obstacle stations and must finish all of the challenges. At any time, only 1 team can take on the challenge
  • Teams will be able to move on to the next stations after all 4 members have finished.
  • Teams are ranked based on category and fastest time.


Instructions for Individuals:

  • Each individual challenger must go through all the obstacle stations and must finish all of the challenges. At any time, only 1 person can take on the challenge.
  • Individuals are ranked based on category and fastest time. 




Hurdles & Zig Zag Wall

Go over the hurdle, under the hurdle & complete the walk across the Zig Zag Wall.


Monkey Bar

 Go across the monkey bars without falling down.


Balance Beams

 Walk and go across the balance beams without falling.


Tire Flip

Flip the tire from one point to another.


Vertical Wall Climb

Reach the other side of the wall.

*View images of stations below

Wave Number

Wave Timings

Wave 1

11AM to 1PM

Wave 2

1PM to 3PM

Wave 3

3PM to 5PM

Wave 4

5PM to 7PM



If challenging the obstacles is not your cup of tea, fret not as we have other activities lined up throughout the day for those who wish for something less intensive.

They are absolutely free to join! Bring your friends and have fun!



2.30PM to 3.30PM

Cardio Class

3.30PM to 4.30PM

Body Combat

4.30PM to 5.30PM


5.30PM to 6.30PM

Zumba / Hip Hop Class

*Activities are subjected to changes


  • The Obstacle course can be taken part as a team of 4 or as an individual.
  • Each participant or team should only participate in his or her selected wave.
  • At any one time, each station can only have 1 member going on the station. Once the member completes the station, the next member proceeds. Once the entire team completes a station, they can then move on to the next.
  • The order of turn is flexible. Members can choose to decide who starts on each station.
  • For individuals, you will only need to go through each station once.
  • Each team or individual will be given a scorecard and an obstacle marshal. The obstacle marshal will judge and identify the completion of each station and lists it on the scorecard.
  • Complete the course to be ranked on the leaderboard
  • Failure to complete any station will result in a penalty of and an additional 1 to 3 minutes of time added to your score.
  • The top teams and top individuals in the categories listed will win a set of prizes, subjected to the organizer.
    • Team categories: Top Male Team of 4, Top Female Team of 4, Top Mixed Team of 4
    • Individual categories: Top Male, Top Female

Have a fun-filled Saturday with your running buddies! As there are limited spaces available, reserve yours now and see you there! [Update: Registration has ended. Visit our Facebook Page for pictures!]