University students! Gather your teams and compete against your rivals! Join us for a sneak preview of ASICS Relay and take part in a friendly competition on 29 April 2018! 

Our pre-race activity will present the opportunity for students to represent their University and a chance to be crowned Manila’s best!

Enter in a team of 4 with your friends and contest for glory for your University. The University with the fastest teams (net timings) will walk away with 4 x ASICS Relay Team slots.


Date: 29 April 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 5.30PM to 9PM

Venue: Philsports Complex (formerly Ultra Sports Center)

Cost: Free. It's totally on us! (While we hope to see you at ASICS Relay Philippines, you do not need to be a participant to register for this activity.)


As there are limited spaces available, reserve yours now[Update: Registration has ended. Visit our Facebook Page for pictures!]


What's going on? 


5.30PM to 6.00PM – Arrival of Runners and Registration 

Mark your attendance at our booth.

The first 20 who arrive and register your attendance will bring home a door gift from ASICS Relay!

Register for ASICS Relay Philippines 2018 on site to enjoy a 5% discount off registration rates.


6.00PM to 6.10PM – Find out more about ASICS Relay

Learn more about ASICS Relay with our coaches and have a brief on the University Challenge with ASICS Relay!


6.10PM to 6.40PM – Warm up by our Coaches

Join our fitness coaches as they share on proper running forms and lead you in warm up exercises. The warm up is a combination of muscle stretches and aerobic movements that gradually increase your heart rate to help you achieve optimum performance! 


6.50PM to 8.00PM – The University Challenge with ASICS Relay Begins

As this is a sneak preview of ASICS Relay Philippines, the concept of this run will be similar to what you'll expect on race day! The difference is that as a team of 4, you will be completing 10km (instead of 21km or 42km on race day). 

Form your team of 4 with your friends. Each runner will run 2.5km. 

The 1st runners will each be given a relay token and will run with it for 2.5km. As they end their run, they will run into the Transition Area and pass their relay tokens to the 2nd runners. This repeats for the 3rd runners. The run will end when the 4th runners cross the finish line.

Here's when you can go wild and cheer on your teammates as they conquer their 2.5km! 


8.00PM to 8.20PM – Cool down by our Coaches

You had fun and you ran hard! Enjoy a cool down with our coaches and catch your breath!


8.20PM to 9.00PM – Refreshments + Questions & Answers about ASICS Relay Philippines

End off the activity with some bananas and water!

Have questions about ASICS Relay Philippines? Ask our friendly coaches. Sign up for ASICS Relay Philippines and we'll see you again on 26 May 2018!


As there are limited spaces available, reserve yours now and see you there! [Update: Registration has ended. Visit our Facebook Page for pictures!]