Derek Wong

“Respect all opponents and they in turn will respect you. Aim to become a better player every day and always believe you can do it, you will never know when, but your next victory could be your next biggest.”

Derek Ng


Derek Wong is a Singapore National badminton player and have represented the country in every major badminton competition and have won numerous titles throughout his career. Derek Wong had the honour of being a 2-Time Olympian and was flag bearer at the opening ceremony for the 2016 Rio - Olympic Games.

What got you into running?
Initially I was inspired by people whom I see on the streets who donned finisher tees and
wondered how does a human complete such distances, especially when 2.4km is already so
draining. A friend roped me into joining a race and was surprised that I could cover the
distance as well. It kept me going on to better myself and this sport has always been
showing me what I never knew I could do. It has also taught me to be appreciative of those
who takes time out to generously provide guidance while achieving the same goal together,
to better ourselves.

Tell us one unique fact about yourself.
I am not musically inclined but I love to drum. Whether I am good at it or not, is another

What’s your go to running shoes and why?
ASICS Dynaflyte2. I love it for its roomy toe box and the sufficient support it provides makes
it a versatile shoe. Due to its weight, it is suitable for both endurance runs as well as where
speed is essential.

How long have you been running for?
4 years

What’s your greatest achievement?
Being able to run a half marathon in under 2 hours – thanks to the unwavering support of
the ARC team.

Derek Grid


2011 SEA GAMES: Individual Bronze Medal

2012 London Olympic: Participant

2014 Commonwealth Games: Individual Silver Medal -  First Singaporean Men to enter the finals and win an individual medal at the Commonwealth Games.

2016 Rio Olympics: Participant and was given the honor of Singapore's Flag Bearer