On Sunday, 24 April, ASICS athletes blasted off to new personal bests in the METASPEED+™ Series at the META : Time : Trials event in Malaga, Spain.

Watch now to see how our athletes found new levels of speed and set new records.



For runners who gain speed by increasing their stride length.

Optimised for aerial propulsion, the METASPEED™ SKY+ shoe features our most reactive FF BLAST™ TURBO cushioning and a full-length carbon plate to help lengthen your stride.

    METASPEED™ Edge+

    For runners who gain speed by increasing both their cadence and stride length.

    Light, bouncy FF BLAST™ TURBO cushioning combines with a full-length carbon plate and a curved-sole design to give the METASPEED™ EDGE+ shoe increased
    forward propulsion.

      Get to know your running style.

      Stride runners gain speed by increasing only the length of their stride. Cadence runners increase both their step frequency and stride length. This video will help you spot the difference.


      Outrun your expectations.

      Discover our full Speed Series collection—made to help you race past your record.