Whether you’re indoors or out, with friends or going solo – these boot camp exercises are perfect for building up strength and stamina at the same time.

Take these classic boot camp workout ideas below and do each one for 30 seconds, one after the other. Then, repeat the series of exercises 3 times.

To push your boot camp fitness to the next level, you can do it at the end of a run or at the halfway point.

Jump rope

This works your legs, shoulders and back – and it raises your heart rate, too. You don’t need a jumping rope, you just need to do the same actions: rotate your arms and shoulders, and jump just a few inches off the ground.

Star jumps

This exercise combines cardio and resistance training. Stand with your feet together and your arms to your side – then, in one movement, lift your arms above your head and separate your feet more than shoulder-width apart. Go back to your original position in one movement, then repeat the exercise a few times.

Leg crunches

This one works your abs. Lay flat on your back and lift your legs so they’re pointing straight up. Then raise your arms and try to touch your toes. You’ll feel your abs tightening as you do so.


The famous push-up works out your whole upper body. You need to get into the push-up position and lower your body to the ground slowly – then lift yourself back up.


With your hands on your hips, you need to take a big step forward with your left leg and plant it a metre ahead of you. Lower yourself down by bending your knees until both legs are at 90 degrees – keep your balance for a few seconds, then switch legs.


You’ll feel the burn in your thighs thanks to this exercise. Stand with your feet just slightly apart and, while keeping your back straight, squat down by bending your knees. The target is to bend your legs to 90 degrees.

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