With over 60 years of scientific research, the ASICS walking range is designed to help walkers get the most out of every step. 

Although walking shoes are similar to running shoes in many respects, there are some major differences.

As walking is a slower movement than running, you spend more time on your toes, therefore ASICS has developed a special wider walking shoe that increases comfort and reduces the risk of injuries or toe problems.

To achieve this increased comfort, we developed a walking-specific midsole. This is to accommodate and support the different points of contact in a walking foot strike versus a foot strike from running. To do this, we’ve moved the GEL® technology cushioning system to absorb the impact where it gives optimum effect, which is further back and more centralized than in the running range.

Once you have sorted out your shoes, there’s the rest of your walking kit to think about:

Fitness Socks for Walking
A pair of comfortable and breathable socks is essential to reduce the risk of blisters and enhance comfort. 

Layers are essential when you are walking so you can stay at a comfortable temperature while walking, whatever the conditions. 

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If you’re walking to work or just have lots of personal items with you, ditch the handbag or briefcase for an ergonomic backpack designed to be comfortable and hold everything you need.

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